A unique PVC-Alloy pipe lining system for trenchless rehabilitation

Aging underground sewer and water infrastructure worldwide has become an issue, and fully replacing these aging pipes is a costly and time consuming process, however, a trenchless rehabilitation solution such as Thermoform provides a sturdy, cost effective and reliable solution to this growing concern.

Why is Thermoform Unique?

It has the ability to expand and form tightly to the contours of a host pipe including any changes in shape or dimension

It is structurally sound and provides a tight fit that prevents infiltration and ingress of tree roots

It does not rely on a chemical reaction during installation and is environmentally friendly

All installers have to be accredited and audited to ensure consistency, quality and accuracy

Manufactured in a factory controlled environment

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Thermoform pipe lining solution

The Technology

The PVC-Alloy used to produce Thermoform contains a unique patented compound that provides a highly flexible, ductile material that can expand and fit tightly to the host pipe.

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Factory Controlled Production

Thermoform is manufactured in a factory-controlled environment, with rigorous material testing to ensure it conforms to and exceeds the expected standards.

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First class installation

Not only is the product itself of the highest standard, we make sure that all contractors who wish to use Thermoform for trenchless rehabilitation are fully trained, accredited and regularly tested.

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An Environmentally Friendly Solution

When Thermoform is used in trenchless rehabilitation there are no harmful emissions and the materials used do not contain any water soluble chemicals.

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Case Studies

4th July 2018

A growing problem under New Mexico

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, the aging sewer infrastructure has become a primary concern with parts of the concrete pipe structure being more than 50 years old.

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