Thermoform Installation Process

A Simple Installation Process

Thermoform is extruded in the same way as conventional PVC pipe however whilst still hot it is folded into a C or H shape and wrapped onto a transportation coil. The coil is delivered to site and the material is ready to install.

Warming of the material with steam causing it to soften to the point where it is pliable enough to be winched through the host pipe.

Once the material has been inserted it is again heated with steam and pressurized causing it to expand and form a tight fit to the host pipe. The material will lock itself into any imperfections within the pipe.

Whilst still under pressure the material is cooled with chilled air until it becomes solid again forming a tight fit.

Installed by Accredited Contractors Only

We spend a lot of time making sure that the quality of the material we produce is of the highest standard and meets or exceeds the standards expected by the regulatory bodies throughout the world.

Therefore, what is equally as important is that we maintain those high standards throughout the installation process itself. This is why any contractors who work with Thermoform have to be accredited.

All accredited contractors are given full product and installation training and are regularly tested on these to maintain our high standards.

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Thermoform pipe lining solution

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