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Whether for infrastructure or fluid transfer systems contractor, a plumber, or a municipality, a utility company or a developer renovating a building or district, dealing with deteriorating and aging pipes is an issue that calls for a reliable partner. While replacement can typically be time-consuming and costly, trenchless rehabilitation methods now come with a sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective PVC pipe lining solution to this ongoing concern. Get in touch with us right away when you need Thermoform.

Your Unique PVC Pipe Liner

Thermoform trenchless PVC pipelining can expand and tightly conform to a host pipe’s shape, dimension, and contours. Once hardened, however, the fold and form pipe liners create a closely-fitting and structurally-sound system that prevents the infiltration of tree roots.

A particularly unique factor of the Thermoform PVC pipe liner is that it doesn’t depend on chemical reactions for installation or curing, keeping these fold and form liners safe for the environment. The patented compound, manufactured under factory-controlled conditions, quickly reacts to steam during installation, allowing it to expand to greater pipe diameters and form with greater flexibility to complex shapes.

Consequently, contractors, utilities, municipalities, and plumbers can get quicker processing times at a range of pipe diameters with products available up to 36” or 900mm at varying factory-controlled thicknesses.

The installation consists of extruding the Thermoform fold and form PVC liner, still steam-heated, and folding it according to a C or H shape and wrapping it on a transportation coil. One inserted, steam and pressurization causes the liner to expand and form fit. Consistent pressure and chilled air allow it to become solid and create a tight fit.

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Thermoform PVC fold and form pipe liners are quality controlled to meet the exacting standards of worldwide regulatory bodies. Accordingly, liners can only be installed by trained and accredited contractors in both the UK and the US. Thermoform accredited contractors are provided with full installation and product training and rigorous testing to maintain the innovative technology’s high standards.

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Thermoform is a Warrior Trenchless Solutions product. With more than 60 years’ experience in the industry, our company is known for providing precision, quality, and environmentally-aware solutions and unmatched product and technical support for contractors, municipalities, plumbers, utilities, and more in the UK and US. Get in touch with us and find out why we are the trusted PVC liner providers in the industry. Call us today or fill out the form on this website.

Thermoform pipe lining solution

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22nd June 2020

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