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Thermoform PVC liner is a unique PVC-Alloy pipe lining system. It's designed to help make trenchless rehabilitation an easier and even more efficient process. If you are new to our exclusive technology, here are answers to some of the common questions we get asked.

Q.: What makes Thermoform’s liner unique?

A.: Our fold and form liners are designed to expand and tightly form to the contours of the host pipe that’s being repaired. However, it’s also able to adjust to changes in shape or dimension within the pipe being lined.

Also, our PVC pipe lining solution is highly flexible and ductile. This is what allows it to expand within the host pipe.

Q.: What results can be expected with this liner?

A.: Fold and form pipe liners are extremely durable. Our liners are also structurally sound and they provide a tight fit that effectively prevents infiltration.

Q.: How environmentally friendly is this liner?

A.: Thermoform’s fold and form PVC liner is very eco-friendly. In fact, it does not rely on chemical reactions when it’s installed. Therefore, it’s extremely environmentally friendly.

Q.: How can you ensure your product is properly utilized?

A.: As our PVC pipe liner is patented and unique, we have special requirements for installers. In order to ensure quality and accuracy, all installers must be accredited and audited.

On a related note, we’re just as diligent about quality on our end. What we do is manufacture our PVC pipe lining systems in a factory-controlled environment.

Q.: What makes Thermoform products beneficial?

A.: Trenchless PVC pipe lining in itself can be beneficial since repairs can be made to a damaged pipe in a way that doesn’t require excavation. Our liners make this process even more reliable.

Q.: What markets do you serve?

A.: We ship our fold-and-form pipeliners to multiple locations. Primarily, however, we serve customers in the United States and throughout the United Kingdom.

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Thermoform offers a trenchless rehabilitation solution that’s sturdy and reliable. If you’re ready to experience the many advantages of our PVC fold and form pipe liners and pass those benefits along to your customers, reach out to us today.

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