Become a Thermoform Contractor

For quality assurance, all installers of Thermoform PVC Pipe Liners are accredited.

We specialize in Thermoform PVC liner. We also offer:

  • PVC Fold and Form Pipe Liners
  • Fold and Form Liners
  • Fold and Form Pipe Liners
  • Fold and Form PVC Liner
  • Fold-and-Form Pipeliners
  • PVC Pipe Liner
  • PVC Pipe Lining Solution
  • PVC Pipe Lining Systems
  • Trenchless PVC Pipe Lining


Becoming an accredited Thermoform contractor not only means that you have access to this unique product, but it also means:

  • You will be fully trained with all of the relevant knowledge to install Thermoform quickly and efficiently
  • Access to a technical PVC liner provider support team who will respond without delay
  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction.

Full Product Training

We are passionate about training and we will work with you proactively to ensure you know Thermoform inside out.

Our training programs will ensure you have a thorough understanding of Thermoform and how to overcome specific site conditions that will enable you to successfully complete a project.

These courses are all about making sure the end-user becomes competent using Thermoform to minimize risks and maximize productivity. In other words, we will guide your personnel through the training until the point we are confident that they can install Thermoform with confidence.

We take training seriously – our courses are available at your premises and most importantly on-site.

Thermoform pipe lining solution

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Case Studies

4th July 2018

A growing problem under New Mexico

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, the aging sewer infrastructure has become a primary concern with parts of the concrete pipe structure being more than 50 years old.

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