Thermoform PVC Pipe Lining Solution

Thermoform is a PVC-A pipe lining system designed for the rehabilitation of existing underground drainage and sewer pipes.

A Simple Solution


Expand with steam

Molds to host

pipe shape

Provides a seamless

new pipe

A reliable solution to a growing problem

With an ageing pipe infrastructure, people are looking for a reliable solution to the problem.

  • The installation process uses just steam and does not rely on a chemical reaction for it to work. Thermoform is perfect for trenchless rehabilitation because you have a product that is non-toxic, inert and shelf stable.

Thermoform is different because of its ability to expand and form tightly to the contours of the host pipe including any changes in shape or dimension.

Thermoform is extruded in the same way as conventional PVC pipe, however whilst still hot, it is folded into a ‘C’ or ‘H’ shape and wrapped onto a transportation coil.

  • The coil is delivered to site and the material is ready to install, the process of which is simple, reduces disruption and minimizes environmental impact.
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A Range of Diameters

We manufacture Thermoform in sizes ranging from 4” (100mm) to 36” (900mm) the wall thicknesses of which can be varied dependent upon the application.

So whatever your requirements we can work with you to find a solution.

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Thermoform pipe lining solution

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Case Studies

4th July 2018

A growing problem under New Mexico

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, the aging sewer infrastructure has become a primary concern with parts of the concrete pipe structure being more than 50 years old.

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