Quality PVC Lining Solution Produced in a Factory-Controlled Environment

Thermoform is manufactured in a factory-controlled environment, ensuring that the consistency and quality of the material are maintained throughout its production.

We specialize in Thermoform PVC liner. We also offer:

  • PVC Fold and Form Pipe Liners
  • Fold and Form Liners
  • Fold and Form Pipe Liners
  • Fold and Form PVC Liner
  • Fold-and-Form Pipeliners
  • PVC Pipe Liner
  • PVC Pipe Lining Solution
  • PVC Pipe Lining Systems
  • Trenchless PVC Pipe Lining

Quality assurance is important and therefore the material is subjected to rigorous testing to make sure it conforms to and exceeds the standards expected.

The fact that Thermoform is factory-made ensures quality assurance in the same way as standard PE and PVC pipes.

All design criteria can be carefully monitored within the factory and confirm that the moduli, wall thickness, and corrosion resistance are consistent – all of which will give what is necessary for performance life predictability.

Unlike CIPP lining materials, Thermoform is almost completely unaffected by field personnel, who have less influence upon the design compliance. There is no on-site chemistry required and Thermoform does not rely upon a chemical reaction for it to work.

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Thermoform pipe lining solution

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