From Production All the Way to Distribution: The Thermoform Way

Great solutions require great processes. That’s why Thermoform takes special interest in the development and implementation of our PVC pipe liner, from initial design to final distribution. We ensure quality counts at every stage of the production and distribution process.

Factory Controlled Production

Our unique PVC fold and form pipe liners are manufactured in a factory controlled environment. Factory production control (FPC) is a set of parameters and processes that ensure a certain level of consistency in quality and output during production.

This is of particular importance for our trenchless PVC pipe lining due to the alloy composition that allows it to retain “memory” of its form when it fits into a new pipe. This powerful materials technology is just one of the advantages of our products compared to some other trenchless solutions.

Safe Shipment and Storage

Thermoform PVC liner products are also subject to control during shipment from the production environment to storage spaces or work sites. This can be just as important as factory controls, especially when long-term storage is involved. We take steps to keep everything intact to avoid any unnecessary risks that could compromise the results.

Installer Accreditation and Audits

We value our installers as partners in the distribution and implementation process. This means we hold them to the same high standards that we hold to ourselves. This goes beyond just the implementation of PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners and extends to on-site practices and customer service.

Tough and Trenchless Solutions

There are plenty of things to consider when making decisions about a trenchless project, especially when choosing PVC liners vs. CIPP liners. That’s why we aren’t afraid to share the technician specs, capabilities, and details about our solutions. Thermoform is engineered to be tough, versatile, and long-lasting in all kinds of environments.

We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our liners and the entire process that brings them from the factory to a customer’s doorstep. Our team looks forward to educating and informing potential customers, partners, and installers about the advantages our products offer!

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