Main Reasons Thermoform Is Friendly to the Environment

When you assist clients in need of pipe rehabilitation, you’ll likely need to choose between PVC liners vs. CIPP liners. In addition to the affordability, ease, and convenience of trenchless installations, you and your customers may be concerned about the environmental friendliness of the process and product.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons Thermoform’s fold and form PVC liners are friendly to the environment.

No Chemicals

You don’t need any chemicals to install or cure Thermoform liners. They cure with steam. Our prepared liners cure with steam. This means no risk of spilling chemicals onto the soil or contaminating groundwater or potable water. Your crew doesn’t have to transport any chemicals, so you won’t need to deal with rules and regulations around the transport of hazardous substances on roadways.

Free of Emissions

When deciding between PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners, keep in mind that Thermoform liners are emission-free. They release no volatile organic compounds or other gases. Your crew can stand next to the launching pit and come into direct contact with the liner throughout the installation and curing process without harm.

Prevents Leaks

The impervious Thermoform liners prevent leaks from sewage and all other pipes. This protects the local environment from chemical, bacterial, fecal and other types of contamination. Our durable liners also prevent groundwater intrusion. Even during and after heavy precipitation events, flooding or rapid snow melt, high water tables and soaking rains won’t intrude through the liners.

Thermoform’s PVC liners offer unparalleled safety to your crew, your customers, and the environment. They offer protection from leaks and contamination, making them a top choice for any contractor or customer searching for environmentally friendly pipe rehabilitation solutions.

To learn more about the environmental benefits of Thermoform liners or to place an order, reach out to us today.

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