Reasons to be an Accredited Contractor from Thermoform

Thermoform’s PVC liners are the gold standard for trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Whether you’re new to offering this service or you’ve already established yourself in the industry, it allows you to quickly restore full service to nearly all damaged or deteriorated pipes.

At Thermoform, we partner with experienced plumbing companies who understand the advantages of PVC liners vs. CIPP liners and are looking to grow their business by becoming accredited Thermoform contractors.

Wholesale Pricing

When you perform numerous trenchless repairs, you’ll naturally go through a lot of materials. You’ll also need the right equipment for the projects you undertake, including pullers and hydraulic pumps. When you gain accreditation through us, you get access to wholesale pricing. This lowers each project’s costs, and you can pass your savings along to your customers.

Hands-on Training

Installing PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured-in-place pipe liners requires plenty of hands-on training. Our accreditation process ensures that every plumber at your company receives the training they need to successfully install these liners. We offer this training at your site and in our facility. A well-trained team leads to high customer satisfaction rates and fewer call-backs.

Full Access to Our Complete Range of Products

Gaining accreditation as a Thermoform contractor gives you full access to your range of fold-and-form liners and equipment. If you need custom orders or quick deliveries for urgent projects, you’ll receive first priority for order fulfillment.

Becoming an accredited Thermoform contractor saves you money, helps you attract more clients, and ensures that your plumbers have the skills, equipment, tools, and supplies for successful project results. We look forward to partnering with your plumbing company and helping you provide top-notch plumbing services in your community.

To learn more about becoming an accredited Thermoform contractor, reach out to us today!

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