The Big Advantages of Thermoform Over CIPP Liners

Relining is the most viable option to fully restore the pipe’s functionality when corrosion, fractures, cracks, and other symptoms of deterioration impact a pipe’s ability to transport fluids. When considering trenchless pipe restoration, environmental safety, efficacy, and durability top the list of must-haves.

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of Thermoform PVC liners vs. CIPP liners.

Environmentally Safe

Whether you specialize in residential or commercial pipe rehabilitation, maintaining the safety of your customer’s property and the surrounding environment is vital. Our PVC pipe liners don’t require the mixing of chemicals. The epoxy resin cures with pressure, so no solvents, adhesives, or other materials could spill or leak into the soil or nearby waterways. PVC liners don’t release harmful VOCs into the air.


PVC liners offer an impressive 50-year lifespan. After the short curing process, the pipe accepts fluids at its full capacity. The hardened liner is exceptional in terms of resisting leaks, infiltration, and exterior pressure. Our liners apply to a wide range of pipe sizes and types and can deliver hassle-free results for your customers.

Fast Results

Nobody wants to wait for weeks to have their pipeline restored. Our PVC liners cure with steam or air pressure. The relining process only requires a few hours. Your customers can return to their usual activities with minimal downtime. The fast curing time also allows you to assist more customers without sacrificing the quality of your work. If a liner requires removal, steam releases it from the host pipe in less than two hours.

When your residential or commercial customer’s pipe needs extensive restoration, count on Thermoform. Our durable PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners keep the environment safe as well as clean and restore pipe service as quickly as possible.

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