The Reliability of Thermoform

As you are in the business of rehabilitating sewer and drainage pipes, you will want materials that are durable and reliable. In order to provide the best possible level of service to your own clients, you can turn to Thermoform.

Find out about the reliability of PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners and why our products are the best solution for your pipe rehabilitation projects.

Conforms to All Pipes

When there’s a gap or damage to a pipe, leaks happen. By choosing Thermoform fold and form liners, you prevent seepage and leaks. Thermoform liners conform to every change in diameter, thickness, shape, and dimension of pipes. As a pipe bends or curves, so does the liner. In unusual pipe configurations and aging plumbing infrastructure, these qualities enhance the reliability of our liners.

Inert and Stable

Thermoform liners are inert, and they don’t react in the presence of corrosive, acidic, alkaline, or other harsh materials. Sewage, chemicals, and water are no match for these liners. They are created from non-toxic materials, so nothing will leech into the environment. Their chemical inactivity makes them reliable in harsh and extreme environments and conditions.

Ease of Installation

When considering PVC liners vs. CIPP liners, the ease of installation is a big factor. Thermoform PVC liners are extruded in the same way as conventional liners, but they’re compressed into a C or H shape for ease of transit. This compression also facilitates the installation of the liners. These are ready to install as soon as they arrive at the project site. This minimizes disruption to your clients, decreases the required time to complete the project, and enhances job site safety. Our PVC fold and form liners are fully compatible with your existing trenchless pipe rehabilitation equipment.

PVC fold and form liners are designed to last for decades. They are an efficient and cost-effective way to rehabilitate any pipe using trenchless repair methods. We are proud to offer these reliable products in a range of sizes to suit all of your residential, commercial, and municipal projects. Call us or fill out the form to learn more about our product or to purchase online.

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