The Technological Innovation That Is Thermoform

For contractors, the main priority is delivering the finest customer experience. Thermoform is here to support our clients by introducing cutting-edge technological innovations you can consistently rely on. PVC liners vs CIPP liners play a pivotal role in bolstering your reputation as a trustworthy and meticulous trenchless pipe rehabilitation provider, empowering your contracting business to prosper and thrive.

Environmentally Friendly

Thermoform is environmentally responsible, producing zero emissions. Your crew can work in enclosed spaces, such as a client’s basement, without any health concerns. The PVC alloy utilized in our fold-and-form liners is non-water-soluble, preventing any chemical leaching into the wastewater supply. Additionally, the installation and curing process requires no chemical mixing, ensuring the safety of your crew and the absence of chemical spills at the work site.

Rapid Curing Process

We’ve engineered our compound and liners to cure swiftly. The liner can be cured using steam at lower pressure levels, ensuring the safety of your technicians and reducing curing time requirements. This expeditious steam curing not only accelerates project completion but also amplifies customer satisfaction, as they can enjoy the advantages of PVC fold-and-form pipe liners vs cured-in-place pipe liners much sooner.

Adaptable to Any Pipe Type or Size

Thermoform is equipped with a unique, patented compound that enables you to tackle even the most intricate pipe geometries. This compound’s exceptional flexibility readily conforms to changes in pipe diameter and shape, effortlessly navigating bends and curves. Its versatility also extends to the restoration of pipes with diameters of up to 36 inches, broadening your scope to cater to commercial and municipal clientele.

Thermoform offers ongoing customer support and comprehensive product information, complemented by in-depth training to ensure each liner installation leads to a successful project. Don’t hesitate – contact us today to discover how we can assist you further!

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