Thermoform PVC Liner: How the Tech Works

Thermoform PVC liner is the result of excellence in engineering combined with carefully controlled factory production to create an exceptional solution for trenchless work. The main benefits of the technology revolve around its uniquely formulated compounds that improve several key features. These materials make the liner a strong, flexible, and safe choice for many types of pipe rehabilitation projects.

Fast Steam Reaction

One of the main reasons plumbers stop to consider PVC liners vs. CIPP liners is the time it takes to completely set. Every hour counts for technicians out in the field and some types of lining methods can take a day or more. The material of Thermoform Liner is designed to allow steam to enter easily, which means it can take shape with less pressure and at a more rapid rate.

The Right Kind of Memory

Memory is a tricky prospect in the world of trenchless relining or when discussing PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners for a project. The material needs to have the memory to hold its shape once set in place, but have enough versatility to avoid permanent warping during the wait between production and application.

Thermoform Liner is made with a special PVC alloy that allows for more control over the material’s glassing properties. The liner quickly and consistently molds to the dimensions of the host pipe and develops a strong memory for it almost immediately. This means the liner can actually help support and reinforce the pipe as well as rehabilitate the line.

Technology You Can Trust

Not all new technology works as intended. Fortunately, Thermoform Liner does. We are confident in the efficiency, safety, and versatility of this trenchless solution for a number of commercial and residential applications. Call our team today to learn more about the technology, production controls, and specifications of our engineered lining solutions!

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