Deteriorating plumbing infrastructure requires skilled technicians and reliable materials. At Thermoform, we manufacture fold-and-form liners that offer strength, durability, and adaptability to any pipe. Let’s explore PVC liners vs. CIPP liners and what makes our PVC liners a reliable and wise choice.

Tight Fit

We use a proprietary PVC-alloy blend that creates a tight fit within the pipe’s interior. This PVC liner conforms to every nuance of the pipe, including changes in shape. It perfectly bonds with corners, curves, bends, and imperfections on the pipe’s interior surface. As a flexible and ductile material, the liner expands to fit the pipe and accommodates changes in diameter at joins, intersections, and fittings.

Controlled Manufacturing Conditions

Our factory-controlled production environment for PVC fold-and-form liners involves the use of precision-controlled machinery. The liner’s thickness and length meet stringent quality control requirements. Each of our PVC liners undergoes extensive testing before we ship it to our customers. These controlled manufacturing and production conditions ensure consistent and reliable results on every project.

Impervious to Chemicals and Water

The unique PVC-alloy blend of our Thermoform liners provides an impervious barrier. Groundwater, chemicals, and minerals can’t seep into the pipe. It also offers strength against tree root intrusion. Our strong liners stand up against other causes of structural damage to the pipe’s interior, including shifted soil and high water tables. The liner also resists damage from alkaline, acidic, and corrosive substances that enter a residential, commercial, or industrial sewer system. Grease, sewage, and other materials don’t damage the liners.

Your residential and commercial clients demand and deserve the best. When considering PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners, our PVC-alloy offers the reliability, longevity, and consistency necessary for a successful outcome.

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