Thermoform: The Installation Process

As the world’s water and sewer infrastructure begins to age and head towards decline, the need for an efficient, easy-installation and durable restoration system has increased. The good news is that Thermoform serves as a viable solution. PVC fold and form pipe liners are an environmentally friendly type of trenchless restoration technology that can restore pipeline systems without the messy or costly aspect of traditional excavation.

Thermoform Liner Installation

PVC fold and form pipe liners arrive on spools and are folded in H or C shapes. To install, these PVC pipes soften with steam and pressure and insert into the pipelines to repair. Once there, they conform to the pipes’ interiors and harden with cooling to create a long-lasting and efficient second pipe.

PVC liners vs CIPP liners

A standard method of trenchless pipe lining is CIPP, or cured in place lining. When talking about PVC liners vs CIPP liners, both Thermoform and CIPP are pipe-within-a-pipe solutions. However, our liners have more advantages. CIPP requires chemicals and epoxy to work while Thermoform liners only use steam to soften and install. They require no water-soluble chemicals and cause no chemical odor, making them an environmentally friendly solution.

Contractor Installed

Thermoform PVC liners are installed by comprehensively trained and regularly tested installation contractors. Thermoform liners can only be installed by accredited contractors.

Thermoform also manufactures our PVC liners in an environment that’s factory-controlled, and they pass a series of quality checks. PVC fold and form pipe liners vs cured in place pipe liners offer a much more ecological trenchless solution that saves time and money while creating a durable and reliable pipeline replacement that will last for decades.

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