What Makes Thermoform Environmentally Friendly?

When your trenchless repair business is considering PVC fold and form pipe liners vs cured in place pipe liners, environmental friendliness should be a top priority. We are proud to offer safe, durable, and long-lasting pipe liners. Here are the features that make Thermoform the safe choice in the industry today:

No Chemicals Used During Installation

No chemical reaction is required to cure Thermoform pipe liners. When you are thinking about PVC fold and form pipe liners vs cured in place pipe liners, this is a big deal. Our liners are cured with steam, which is safe for the environment and your crew. Not having to transport, mix or apply chemicals means less risk of a spill or accidental contamination. Our liners are made of a quality PVC alloy that’s durable and made to last.

Free of Gas Emissions

When considering PVC fold and form pipe liners vs cured in place pipe liners, keep in mind that Thermoform’s liners are free of gas emissions. No harmful gases or vapors are released during the installation or curing process. It’s safe for your crew to be in direct contact with the materials. Homeowners can keep their windows open with no risk of fumes.

Prevent Soil and Groundwater Contamination

The seamless pipe lining created by PVC liners vs CIPP liners means that nothing in the sewer system will leak and cause environmental contamination. No seams means that there is nowhere for fluids to leach. Tree roots will fail to penetrate through Thermoform’s pipe lining system. The wastewater that’s in the pipe stays in the pipe until it reaches the municipal sewer system.

Thermoform liners are made in a controlled environment. No chemicals are required to install or cure them. Nothing can leak out, so the entire area’s water, soil, and water are protected. To learn more about Thermoform’s PVC liners vs CIPP liners, get in touch with us today.

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