What Makes Thermoform Perfect for Trenchless Rehabilitation Projects

Thermoform lining is a modern solution for an old problem, which is fixing sewer and water lines without digging them up. This innovative technology is the result of clever concept design, innovative engineering, and a quality-oriented production environment. Below is a close look at some of the reasons that make it the perfect choice for all kinds of pipe rehabilitation projects.

Made with Strong and Flexible Alloy

The custom alloy used in the liner is the secret to its strength, flexibility, and durability. It gives the liner a natural resilience to the corrosive effects of soil as well as the pipe’s liquid contents. The liner itself is also flexible and responsive enough to fit tightly against the interior of the host pipe, which makes it even better at preventing tree roots from gaining a foothold.

Low-Impact Installation

Environmental and local impact are priority concerns for many people, so these are factors that often influence decisions between PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners. One of the biggest benefits of our system is that it has a chemical-free installation process and the materials have been biochemically tested for health impact on plants and wildlife.

Produced with Process Controls

Exceptional products come from a quality-oriented design and production process. That’s why our liners and accessory components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment to reduce unwanted variation in purity, consistency, and durability. We are always looking for ways to minimize the chances of installation failure due to a material imperfection or production fault.

We hold ourselves and our products to high standards. We also aren’t afraid to explain why Thermoform liner is the right choice for a trenchless project, so connect with us to learn more about our company and our top-tier lining solutions!

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