When your customer’s sewer pipe requires complete rehabilitation, your crew must consider PVC liners vs. CIPP liners. At Thermoform, we design, test, and manufacture high-quality PVC liners that offer distinct advantages to our certified installers and their clients. Understanding what makes our liners superior to cured-in-place pipe liners helps you make informed decisions and ensures an excellent outcome on every project.

Rapid Project Completion

Whether you primarily serve residential, commercial, or industrial clients, you can’t afford to make them wait for weeks to have their sewer pipes fixed. Our PVC liners allow you to rapidly complete the pipe repair project. We create and deliver the liners to you as quickly as possible. Once the liners arrive at the project site, your crew can install and cure them in one day. If the liner requires removal at any time, steaming releases its bond from the host pipe within two hours.

Reliable Results

Your customers expect reliable results when they choose you as their contractor. Our Thermoform liners undergo extensive testing before we release them to you. Once installed, our liners provide a minimum of 50 years of results with no additional needs for relining or repairs.

Environmental and Employee Safety

Environmental and worker safety remains a top concern for contractors and their customers. Our liners don’t release volatile organic compounds into the air. Our epoxy resin requires no mixing, so the groundwater and soil at the project site aren’t at risk of contamination.

Our durable PVC liners allow you to serve more customers and provide reliable results. With our high-quality products, your company will build a solid reputation for cost-effective pipe restorations. For more information about our PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Thermoform today!

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11th January 2023

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