What Makes Thermoform the Ideal Liner for Trenchless Rehabilitation

Sewer lateral failure is an increasing problem throughout the country. Plumbing companies are seeing a consistently high demand for sewer pipe rehabilitation. In order to meet that demand, Thermoform PVC fold and form pipe are the ideal type of liner for trenchless rehabilitation.

Environmentally Safe

Fold and form liners are inert. They don’t require chemicals to activate the materials. With no chemicals or fumes, they’re safe for use everywhere.


When considering PVC liners vs. CIPP liners, the product’s lifespan is a top factor. Your customers won’t want to deal with a pipe replacement every 10 to 20 years. Fold and form liners have an average lifespan of 50 years, which is the same lifespan as a PVC pipe’s. It’s the only pipe repair your customers will need for their sewer laterals.

Adaptable to All Pipes

In older neighborhoods, pipes may have complicated configurations. They may make many turns and have multiple 45- to 90-degree bends. The pipes may also have offsets or a sudden narrowing of the diameter between joins or sections. When deciding between PVC fold and form pipe liners VS. cured in place pipe liners, the fold and form liners are adaptable to all types of pipe configurations, sizes, and conditions.

Easy Installation

Your customers want their plumbing issues addressed as quickly as possible. Your experienced team can install fold and form liners and restore service to your customers in a matter of hours. You’ll be able to perform multiple trenchless rehabilitation services every day.

Fold and form pipe liners offer long lifespans and speed of installation. On top of that, they have excellent resistance to chemicals, heat, and abrasion. They’re safe for the environment and the installation team.

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