What Sets Thermoform Apart

Pipe relining is an advantageous form of trenchless sewer and pipeline repair. And while cured-in-place lining is a common technique, the more modern Thermoform PVC liner holds some distinct benefits that set it apart from other methods of trenchless repair.

When considering these PVC fold and form pipe liners VS. cured in place pipe liners, it’s useful to understand the unique characteristics of a sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective rehabilitation solution.

About the Thermoform Method

While Thermoform liners expand and closely conform to pipe interiors in the way that CIPP liners do, Thermoform is also much more durable and long-lasting. The fold and form liners not only defend against tree roots and resist damage, but they’re also made in a controlled environment, which provides for consistent quality assurance.

The Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Thermoform also requires no chemicals and produces no emissions or gases during installation. These conditions make them much more environmentally friendly than CIPP installations. In addition, our Thermoform liners have the added quality assurance of only being installed by certified installers.

How It Works

Thermoform PVC-A liners are designed primarily for belowground sewer and drainage pipes. A particular advantage of these PVC liners vs. CIPP liners is that they rely only on steam, not chemicals, for installation. They’re an inert, non-toxic and shelf-stable product that cools and hardens into a tough and efficient pipe within a pipe.

The Superior PVC Liner

The Thermoform extruded PVC pipe arrives at the site pre-folded into ‘H’ or ‘C’ profiles and transported on coils, ready to install through steam softening and pressure. Thermoform diameters range from 4”, or 100mm, to 36”, or 900mm, with various wall thicknesses depending on the application. Whatever the requirements, the Thermoform team will provide a solution.

The Best PVC Option

Thermoform liners provide the durable and efficient pipe within a pipe needed to preserve and maintain an existing pipeline’s structural integrity. As the most advantageous option when weighing the benefits of PVC liners vs. CIPP liners, steam installation, and controlled production make it a reliable and more environmentally-friendly option.

We are a proud provider of PVC lining solutions in both the United States and the UK. Contact us today for more information or to purchase online.

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