Where Thermoform Can Be Best Applied

Thermoform technology is a major consideration that can tip the balance when deciding between PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners for a project. It’s important for contractors to understand when to best apply this solution so they can communicate essential details to the customer.

The real benefits of this technology center around keeping customers informed, in control, and fully satisfied with the results.

When Minimizing Water and Soil Impact

One of the main benefits of PVC liners vs. CIPP liners is the lack of chemical contaminants. Cured in place lining solutions typically rely on reactions between several different compounds to achieve a solid fit and seal. Unfortunately, this can also risk exposing surrounding water and soil to foreign chemicals. Thermoform PVC seals are simply done by exposing them to pressurized steam, which minimizes the risk of contamination.

When Tailoring Solutions to Fit

Thermoform solutions are also well-suited for situations where contractors want to keep existing pipe diameter, location, and positioning, but simply replace the lining. When expanded within an existing line, Thermoform PVC expands to fill the space and seal directly to the physical pipe.

When You Need Quick and Cost-Effective Methods

Trenchless sewer and plumbing repairs are almost always more desirable to property owners than conventional excavation and repair. Our steam-cured PVC technology is fully compatible with trenchless methods, which makes it a great choice for all kinds of relining projects.

Thermoform creates a strong seal and durable lining with relative ease and affordability. Contractors working in this industry have a lot to gain by adding these solutions to their kit and we encourage anyone interested to contact us today to learn even more about the technology!

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