Why Choose Thermoform PVC Liner

Thermoform technology consists of a PVC-based pipelining product. The alloy making up the material is more durable than existing cured-in-place products yet suitable for applications in trenchless plumbing. A unique characteristic that distinguishes it from CIPP liners is its capacity to expand with applied pressure and tightly conform to any dimensional or geometrical variations in the host pipe.

Trenchless Pipe Restoration

Drain and sewer pipes across the US have begun to experience deterioration, leading to breaks and infiltration. To meet this growing demand, the trenchless pipe lining process efficiently and cost-effectively restores lines to capacity by lining the interior with durable materials, in this case, fold and form pipe liners made with PVC. Trenchless repair saves on time, expense, and extensive excavation work that could potentially destroy the surrounding landscape.

Environmentally Friendly

A unique aspect of the Thermoform patented pipelining compound is that it requires no chemicals to install, making it environmentally friendly compared with other liner options. The fold and form liners are manufactured in controlled environments as well

Installation and Removal

The material comes in coils of C or H-folded extrusions that soften with the application of steam. The fold and form PVC Liner then winches through the host pipe, expands with pressure to match the pipe’s internal variations and cools and hardens with cold air, creating a solid second pipe. A second advantage is that it can again soften with steam in the pipe and be removed with comparatively little trouble.

A Uniquely Beneficial a Liner

With the increasing demand for restoration of aging and deteriorating pipe systems, developers, utility companies, municipalities, plumbers, or contractors can benefit from a partnership with a reliable partner.

The Thermoform PVC liner is a product by Warrior USA. We have over 60 years of industry experience, providing quality, precision, and environmentally-aware products, solutions, and technical support for professionals in the UK and US. Call us today or fill out the form to experience the benefits of Thermoform yourself.

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