Why Thermoform Is Installed by Accredited Contractors Only

At Thermoform, we patented the technology behind our PVC fold and form pipe liners. In order to ensure that every customer’s project yields impeccable results, we only allow accredited contractors to install our products.

Let’s take a look at why we require accreditation for our contractors and how this process benefits the contractors as well as their customers.

Fast and Efficient Installation

The technology used in our PVC fold and form liners requires technicians to have specific skills and broad experience. Our accreditation process involves plenty of hands-on practice. This hands-on training increases the speed and efficiency of installation. Customers benefit from minimal downtime and fast service restoration. Improved efficiency with installation also allows contractors to assist more customers and repair more pipes.

Proper Technique

With regards to the question of PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners, the former can last for at least 50 years when installed with the correct techniques. During the accreditation and training process, we teach contractors how to install the liners in a variety of soil and pipe conditions. We also explain how weather and other environmental conditions affect the installation of our patented liners. Our teaching team demonstrates the proper technique for every circumstance.

Quality Control

We want every Thermoform customer to be 100% satisfied. This begins with the quality control in our manufacturing facility, and it extends to the contractors who install the fold and form liners. Our rigorous accreditation process guarantees that every contractor can confidently and correctly install our pipe liners.

By providing hands-on, on-site training to the contractors who install our liners, we ensure that every customer enjoys lasting and problem-free results. Accredited contractors work more safely, efficiently, and productively, resulting in consistent results on every project.

Reach out to us today to learn more about PVC fold and form pipe liners and accreditation for Thermoform contractors!

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