When your contracting business needs a supplier of reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective pipe liners, look no further than Thermoform. We manufacture and distribute our pipe liners, and we also train and accredit installers on proper techniques in order to deliver the best possible results.

Let’s delve into the production and manufacturing of our PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners.

Manufactured in a Factory Setting

All Thermoform liners are manufactured in our tightly-controlled factory. We use precision equipment to verify the exact thickness and length of liner you need. Our wet-out facility takes care of the application of resin, which ensures a consistent layer free of bubbles, wrinkles, or seams. We perform multiple inspections of every liner before shipping it to your site.

Customized Products

Each worksite and pipe has different features and requirements. We work with you to customize the diameter, thickness, and length of liner you need to restore any type of pipe. Our liners range in diameter from four inches to 36 inches in order to accommodate residential, commercial, and industrial pipe rehabilitation needs.

Rapid and Reliable Distribution

Supply chain problems persist across nearly all industries of the economy. Because we manufacture and distribute our liners, supply chain issues minimally affect us. When you place an order, we provide you with a delivery date you can count on. Our team handles every aspect of the liner process, from development to delivery. We don’t outsource any of our services.

Our unique pipe liners ensure that you restore your customers’ aging and damaged pipes in the most dependable and precise way possible. We take the time to ensure your complete comfort with the installation process, and our customer care team always offers guidance and product support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to learn more about PVC liners vs. CIPP liners.

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Case Studies

5th October 2022

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