The Technology Behind Thermoform

Pipe lining is not a new idea. Having been around for some time now, the process has been through many changes and advancements as technology marches onward and the demands of the industry increase. We understand the need for long-term solutions to these and other issues. Our patented Thermoform material means that our fold-and-form pipelining solutions offer many benefits over traditional methods.


There are many distinct advantages to using PVC fold and form pipe liners VS. cured in place pipe liners. The technology behind Thermoform begins with our patented compound, which makes our liners significantly more flexible and ductile. This compound also means that steam is able to penetrate the material quickly allowing for larger pipe diameters – up to 36″ – being processed at lower pressure. Thermoform PVC liner can expand further and successfully form to the most complex shapes due to the increased flexibility.

One of the keys to the remarkable abilities of Thermoform products to deform and reform effectively is the development of our PVC-alloy compound. This has allowed us to create liners with a much lower and more consistent glassing state, which ensures new and stable memory upon being shaped tight to a host pipe. Though highly unlikely, the liner can easily be removed; our technicians will simply re-steam the product and remove it from the pipe.

The Process

Thermoform manufactures the liner in factory-controlled conditions and rigorously tested to ensure consistent flexibility and durability. Our installers are extensively trained and certified by the company to ensure quality workmanship and adherence to our installation process. Thermoform liners are also environmentally friendly; they contain no water-soluble chemicals and release no harmful emissions.

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