Thermoform PVC Liner: Where to Apply

When your contracting or plumbing business performs many trenchless pipe repairs, you may alternate between using PVC and CIPP liners. Before you choose a repair method, it’s important to know where to apply each type in order to achieve optimal results. With Thermoform, we have created this quick set of tips on choosing PVC liners vs. CIPP liners and where to apply each type.

When to Choose PVC Fold and Form Liners

When your task must be performed in a confined space, fold and form pipe liners are an ideal choice. They’re easier to transport to the location, and they don’t take up as much space. PVC fold and form liners are the optimal solution for repairing excessively long segments of pipe. We create liner pieces that are pre-loaded onto a reel for your convenience. You should also consider PVC fold and form pipe liners on projects where the underground conditions are difficult. For example, use these pipe liners in places where groundwater intrusion or soil disruption is common.

Where to Apply the PVC Fold and Form Liners

We recommend applying the Thermoform PVC fold and form pipe liners on pipe segments that have rust, corrosion, cracks, etching, tree root intrusion, or other surface defects. When your task involves repairing critical infrastructure in a business or residential district that can’t cope with extended service interruptions, choose the PVC fold and form pipe liners. Their ease and speed of installation mean that you’ll quickly complete the work.

For more information about PVC fold and form pipe liners vs. cured in place pipe liners, reach out to us today. Our durable, tough, and easy-to-apply PVC liners are the right choice for many trenchless repair needs. When you choose our PVC liners, you will provide your clients with an affordable, lasting, and reliable solution. You may also contact us by calling our offices or filling out the online form.

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